Hay Crane Standard Equipment by Lasco

Equipment M30-Alpin M45-M50 M60-M70 M90
Automatic Star/Delta starting
230 V Socket
Comfortable access
Design cabin with LED headlights
Cross lever control
Electrically proportional pre-control
Hexagonal boom system
Double-walled hydraulic hoses
Industry slewing mechanism with counter bearing
1-Circuit hydraulic system
2-Circuit hydraulic system
Encapsulated motor under the seat
Large-diameter hydraulic conduits
Screw mounted hydraulic tank (approx. 60 liters)
Gripper 750 mm with cylinder and 6 prongs
Gripper 1000 mm with cylinder and 8 prong
Rotation range 700°
Wear resisting driving wheel
Tandem suspension with 18 supporting rollers with ball bearings,
Hydraulic high-performance drive
Indiv. equipment depending on type
Lifting force (max.) 450 kg/6,8m 400 kg/9,1m 400 kg /11,3m 600 kg / 11,3m
Lifting cylinder (∅ ; in mm) ∅ 90 ∅ 90 ∅ 100 – ∅ 110 ∅ 110
Tower construction with hardened ball-bearing-mounted ring ∅ 550 mm ∅ 700 mm ∅ 880 mm ∅ 880 mm

Additional equipment

Equipment M30-Alpin M45-M50
M60 M70
fully glazed cab, air conditioning, radio, filters, heating
Power LED headlights
Comfort seat with armrests, headrest
Remote control with/without cab-mounted Joysticks
Endless slewing mechanism
Retractable cabin (scissor system) 3m
Boom accessories
Hydraulic gripper raised position 135°
Rotator, endlessly rotating grippers
Chain hoist with gripper raised position (Exchange sys.)
Loose goods tray, length 1500 mm
Gripper extension up to 2500 mm
Double shell type grab, round bale tongs
5,5 kW E-Motor (26,6l/min)
7,5 kW E-Motor with double pump (37,0l/min)
9,2 kW E-Motor with double pump (26,6l/min)
11 kW E-Motor with double pump (49,3l/min)
Oil cooler
Suspension systems
Screwed lane
For driving outdoors
Traverse drive up to 12m
Lateral adjustment up to 6m
Curve suspension



The indicated supplementary equipment constitutes only a summary and isn’t complete. The width of our lanes is between 1.80 and 4, 00 m. More lane widths are possible at any time on request
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