Effective: Motors and hydraulics.

Hay Crane Motors and Hydraulics from LASCO

Technology can simplify our lives. It allows us to work more efficiently and faster. The electrically proportional pre-control unit is another example for a state-of-the-art technology and also very easy to operate.

For many years, excavator manufacturers have successfully implemented it. Starting from the crane series M45, this control unit has become a standard feature in hay cranes from LASCO.

heukran-programmierungThe core of the technology used by us is the programmable control unit. A command software has been installed on it.

The controls settings are variable based on customer requirement.

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The programmable control unit
consists of the command software.

The very quiet-running electrical motors with
hydraulic pump are available in performance
classes from 5,5 kW up to 11 kW

The left hand hydraulic control block is
responsible for travelling, swiveling,
traverse travelling, rotator as well as the
lifted position of the gripper.

The intelligent switch-off valve
will be activated, when the left
hand hydraulic control block is
idle. Thus, the
right hand hydraulic control block's
performance is incresed by 50%.


The right hand hydraulic control block
contains all work functionalities such
as lifting, tele, hay tongs,...

By default, the hydraulic pumps are equipped
with a helical gearing
Thus, noise emission
will be dramatically reduced.

The ergonomically designed
Joysticks forward the inputs
towards the control unit.
Thus, extremely precise, continuous and
effortless working is guaranteed.







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