Large enough for each drying idea!

Hay Drying And Hay Ventilation In The Hay Container

Moderne Heutrocknung mit Luftentfeuchter und Dachabsaugung. Der Stall befindet sich direkt hinter der Heubox. Der Heukran kann durch die gesamte Halle das Futter vorlegen.
Modern hay drying with dehumidifiers and hood suction. The barn is located directly behind the hay container. The hay crane can submit the feed through the entire hall.

Each hay drying is different and therefore individually planned by us. The calculation of the required footprint for the containers is a small but important step. For best drying results comprehensive advice and planning is carried out on site.

The centerpiece for our drying is the hay container. We are the only provider who calculates the height of the grating that it provides a maximum water absorption from the air as it flows through the hay. For this purpose the blowing in nozzle is calculated appropriately as well. This ensures a very uniform distribution of air inside the hay container thereby resulting in a uniform drying without moisture nests.

Hay Ventilation with Hood Suction

The construction of a hood suction for hay drying can be described as very economical in terms of drying costs. The hood suction supplies the fan with free drying air while the sun is shining – and that for decades.

Umschaltklappe Dachabsaugung / Frischluft
Change over flap for hood suction/fresh air

In addition to a hood suction we recommend to bridge periods of bad weather with a dehumidifier or a heat source. We build hot-air heating, which are distributed under the name Landritherm, and were originally developed for hay drying and therefore are suitable particularly for this purpose

Dehumidifier for hay drying

The LASCO dehumidifiers series is designed for maximum dehumidification combined with low power consumption. Countless development and test hours resulted in a extreme mature and durable system technology for practical use!

The self-regulating dehumidifier adjusts themselves on ideal operating conditions, depending on temperature and humidity, so that the defined goal: “to achieve a maximum dehumidification and heating up” can be achieved. More detailed information about our dehumidifiers for hay drying you can find here. For additional information check our free catalog.