Hay Technology

Round bale collector

Our company is located in the center of the Austrian hay region. Geographically we are located in an old so-called “silo forbidden area”. Among other things, it was not allowed to produce silage for winter feeding. For this reason, our farmers already considered at a very early stage, to produce high-quality hay for winter feeding.

Partnering with us offered them the opportunity of a manufacturer, who always improved his hay technology, adapting the needs of the ever-growing farming industry.

Nowadays the hay is again on the rise. Across Europe, farmers are again increasingly using this original form of food preservation. As one of the outstanding pioneers in hay technology we are especially proud of being a competent partner for all of these farmers.

Hay Excavator

LASCO Heubagger - jetzt auch mit Vorsteuerung!
LASCO Hay Excavator – now available with Pre-Control Unit!

At the end of 2014, we presented our LASCO Hay Crane Technology which is standard equipped with electrically proportional pre-control unit. The LASCO hay excavator also uses this proven technology of hay cranes.

A total of 4 different types of boom types are available. The absolute highlight is the electrically proportional pre-control unit with 2 joysticks.

Thus, an extremely precise and sensitive operation is possible.
All the information about hay excavators

Monorail crane

The Lasco monorail crane is available with mechanical and hydraulic gripper design, and ideally suited for hay, round bales, forage and silage, but also for wood chippings.hackschnitzel-einschienenkran

  • Available in a variety of lifting capacities (up to 1000 kg)
  • Cable or remote control
  • With or without hydraulic gripper
  • Low overall height
  • Discharge from top or bottom

The Lasco removal gripper is an effective complement to every hay distribution facility.

Overhead Crane

brueckenkranThe Lasco hall crane / overhead travelling crane is ideal for use with low installation height – max. usage of traverse travelling (short headroom trolley).

  • Crane trolley complete with hydraulic winch (Rope leeway)
  • Electrical longitudinal travelling at high speed
  • Remote control
  • Energy chain for transverse travelling, conductor rail for longitudinal travelling
  • Lowest installation height, max. usage at traversal travelling (short headoom trolley)

The latest generation provides

The bridge cranes DT 1200 of the latest generation are providing many other benefits.
The bridge cranes were brought up to date regularly.

  • The lifting speed amounts to 5m / 15m / 70m per minute
  • The travelling speed amounts 0 up to 120 m per minute
  • The fork size is between 1 m to 3 m
  • Remote control
  • Transverse travelling 0 m – 30 m
  • Available as top runner or hanging bridge crane – depending on the nature of the building

Round Bale Collector

seitenansicht-rundballensammlerThe round bale collector is the result of the “practical idea 2012”. It was designed by a farmer, but we brought it to the production stage. This unit is a substantial relief in the round bale harvest chain and we are convinced that it will satisfy many farmers.

Benefits of the Round Bale Collector

  • Independently loading and unloading of 10 round bales
  • Reduces time and equipment usage by 50%
  • Ideal for farmers and contractors
  • loading capacity with feeding aid: 18 round bales
  • No damage to the round bale while loading or unloading operation (ideal for ventilated hay)
  • Low operating requirements: 75 hp tractor is sufficient
  • Double-action and a single-action control unit

Videos about Round Bale Collector

Hay Cleaning machines


The Hay Cleaning machine of LASCO prepares the feed and makes it more digestible, free from dust, soil, stones, weed seeds and foreign bodies.

  • The Hay Cleaning Machine accommodates an entire removal tongs of hay.
  • Hay flowers are gently cleaned and collected
  • Space-saving dust filter device
  • Large push through drawers for foreign substances
  • A standard version comes with 3 drawers
  • Available in 2 different sizes!

Lifting frame: For a higher positioning of the Hay cleaning machine to allow free drainage of feed in confined spaces.

Feeding by crane. Clean feed for horses.

Hay Cleaning Machine LA1

Standard design
Output: 32 kg/min
Power consumption: 3 kW
Dimensions: 225 cm (L), 90 cm (B), 140 cm (H) Weight: 455 kg
Funnel dim.: 170 cm (L), 170 cm (B) 52 cm (H)
Total dim.: 225 cm (L), 170 cm (B), 192 cm (H)

Hay Cleaning Machine LA2

Large design
Output: 60 kg/min
Power consumption: 5 kW
Dimensions: 295 cm (L), 140 cm (B), 160 cm (H)
Weight:900 kg
Funnel dim.: 210 cm (L), 190 cm (B), 65 cm (H)
Total dim.: 295 cm (L), 190 cm (B), 225 cm (H)