Lasco – Hay Excavator

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lasco-heubaggerWhile the LASCO Hay crane series is delivered already for quite some time with electric proportional pre-control system by default, this proven technique was not available for the hay excavator.

The new LASCO Hay excavator which has been available since January 2016 uses this control technique as well. This results in an extremely precise and sensitive work.

The comfort of the user was again our major concern. For this reason, the cabin is designed very spacious.

Der Heubagger verwendet die selbe Heukrankabine wie der Heukran.
The Hay excavator is equipped with the same cab as the hay crane.

Hay Crane Types

2-wheel model / MB2
Type Tele Reach
MB 2K-71-T3 3 7,10m
MB 2K-79-T3 3 7,9m
MB 2K-83-T2 2 8,30m
MB 2L-91-T2 2 9,10m
MB 2K-105-T3 3 10,5m
MB 2L-113-T3 3 11,3m
4-wheel model / MB4
Type Tele Reach
MB 4K-71-T3 3 7,10m
MB 4K-79-T3 3 7,9m
MB 4K-83-T2 2 8,30m
MB 4L-91-T2 2 9,10m
MB 4K-105-T3 3 10,5m
MB 4L-113-T3 3 11,3m

Reach Diagrams

Long main arm
Short main arm

Serial Equipment

Serienausstattung MB2 MB4
Automatic star-delta starting
230 V Socket
Comfort entry
Design cabin with LED head lights and weather protection roof
Hour meter
Electrical proportional pre-control system
Hexagonal boom system (fully hydraulic)
Double-walled hydraulic hoses
Transmission swivel motor with brake
7,5 kW Electrical motor
9,2 kW Elektrical motor
2-circuit hydraulic system
Encapsulated motor under the seat
Large-diameter hydraulic lines
Screw mounted hydraulic tank with filter (about 60 liters)
Drive motors with planetary gears in a retarded version
Gripper 750 mm with cylinder and 6 prongs
Rotation range 700°
2-lifting cylinders (80mm°)
hardened slewing ring D700mm
Concrete ballast weights
Floating axle
Tow bar

Supplementary equipment

Supplementary equipment MB2 MB4
Elektrical motor 9,2 kW
Elektrical motor (downgrade) 7,5 kW
Balast weight water tank
Cable reel with 15m cable
PTO shaft unit
Diesel engine with battery and starting device
Enclosed cab with radio, heating and air conditioning
Tyres Flotation 400/60-15.5
Adjustable cabin height (approx. 1,5m)
Oil cooler
4-wheel steering
4×4 drive equipped
Boom accessories
Hay gripper / plug-in parts to 1400mm
Hay gripper / plug-in parts to 1400mm
Grripper high position & Rotator
Wooden tongs / clamshell gripper / manure gripper