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Our core.

Our entire endeavour can be summed up in a simplified form under all aspects that form the basis of LASCO’s values and product world. We research and develop because we are a dynamic company and we are courageously driving innovation forward.

We approach our tasks in an environmentally conscious and reliable manner in order to develop solutions and products that also incorporate these characteristics. Progress drives us forward.

We focus on the customer in all phases. From a human perspective, cooperation takes place at eye level. Our products are used under tough conditions. That is why we are always striving for improvement, with the big goal – to facilitate the work of our customers.
Because in everything that LASCO does, there is always one goal at the end of our activities: THE HUMAN BEING

Our mission.

Our focus is on the human being. And his hard work.

But we want to achieve more. We want to transform the human being into a hero.

Heroes are dynamic, courageous, work hard but smart, are environmentally conscious, have stamina, are fighters, have an affinity for technology, are sporty, modern, young and cool.

Heroes are powerful.

Heroes above all are reliable. Cause Heroes finish their job. A real hero gets a pat on the shoulder. He deserves respect for what he does.

He’s a hero in the yard as well as in the forest
He’s a hero to his family, just like he is to his animals.
He is a hero to the community and the environment.
A true hero owns one thing in particular. Humanity.


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