Round Bale Drying

Rundballentrocknung Flexi
Round Bale Drying Flexi

The biggest advantage of round bales is located in the flexible handling during transport and trade. Multiple storage and feeding places can be used and they allow an economical portioning. There are no requirements for costly covering sheets or its disposal.

Our Round bale drying is as customizable as your business requires it and leave no desires open concerning the drying speed, power and plant size. Hundredfold tried and tested systems ensure safe drying results and joyful hay work.

Many mixed farms have to admit that after completion of the drying plant, more hay is produced again, because the quality of feed is outstanding.

The optimal air distribution in our systems allows an extremely short drying time and best quality of the feed. We offer three more or less turnkey-ready drying systems to our clients.

Round Bale Drying FLEXI

Our Round bale drying FLEXI consists basically of a LASCO’s high-performance ventilator, a main tube and many distribution tubes. The distribution tubes are attached to a distribution ring, which is then inserted between the bales. Thus, an uniform ventilation inside the bale is absolutely assured same time handling is reduced to a minimum.

The round bale drying FLEXI can be setup within a very short time as well as quickly and completely been dismantled in winter (after drying period has ended). In winter the covered drying area can be used for other purposes, same time it is not blocking large surfaces.

The FLEXI system is currently available in 8, 16 or 30 round bales. To shorten drying times, or to increase the impact, we recommend the combination of round bale drying with a heating source.

Round Bale Drying Kombi-Flex

The Kombi-Flex system is the professional solution for all hay farmers who intend to rely on a powerful and fast drying! This round bale drying combines a fixed version of the sheet metal duct or concrete channel drying with the drying efficiency of the Flexi-drying. Core of the Kombi-Flex is a stable pressure manifold hose, which is connected to the main channel, and in addition provides the second row of bales with dry air. With the Kombi-Flex system, you can increase the drying efficiency by up to 30% compared with a floor duct system.

The Kombi-Flex system is infinitely variable and is available in 1-row as well as 2-row versions.

Round Bale Floor Duct System

The biggest advantage of a floor duct drying in the execution of concrete is its trafficability. The drying of round bales can be self-made. A drying plant, which was reinforced with a stable base, it can be operated with a tractor or Hoftrac.
Each channel should be chosen in a insulated version to avoid large heat losses and the related increase of drying performance.

The LASCO module construction is characterized by the rapid commissioning, the low acquisition costs and the optimal air flow. The sheet metal channel construction is made in favour of the simple function and overall construction. Thus, up to two bales per hole can be dried and the system is fixed with bolts onto the floor.

Round bale drying at the operation of Mayr-Melnhof manor in Frohnleiten

Rundballentrocknung mit Entfeuchter am Mayr Melnhof Gut in Frohnleiten
Round bale drying at the operation of Mayr-Melnhof manor in Frohnleiten

Mayr-Melnhof manor is Austria’s largest farming operation and includes a total of 32,000 hectares. At Frohnleithen, live stock farming is operated. Overall 110 ha are farmed, of which 55 ha is grassland. The second and third cut goes into hay drying which in total takes 38 bales. Round bale drying consists of a high-performance quiet running ventilator, an air dehumidifier, a heater as well as a drying control system which is connected to the existing wood chippings heating.

With this plant concept, very short drying times are achieved. In the case of necessity, also very damp material can be dried in a considerable time as Otto Picey tells about his experience of drying. The operations manager, Helmut Glössl, made himself available for an interview. The general manager of the company, Otto Picey, demonstrated the drying process and described the related operation for us.