Cord firewood hot air heating

Cord firewood hot air heating

Cord firewood hot air heating


We provide wood chips and cord firewood hot air stoves with rated powers from 29 kW to 399 kW. Cord firewood based hot air generators are equipped with lifting hook and forklift pockets.

All wood chips and cord firewood hot air stoves are portable devices. The design allows the installation in outdoor areas. Additional costs for the creation of architectural space can be omitted. Due to the simple system configuration and manual loading the wood chips hot air heaters are most interesting in terms of cost.

Fuel: Cord firewood


Type: F28 C.V. F55 C.V. LA115 LA 325 LA 425
Rated power: 29 kW 45 kW 115 kW 325 kW 399 kW
Power supply: 230 VAC 230 VAC 400 VAC 400 VAC 400 VAC
2.200 Bm³/h 3.500 Bm³/h 6.300 Bm³/h 17.800 Bm³/h 26.000 Bm³/h
Consumption: 13 kg/h 20 kg/h 30 kg/h 85 kg/h 125 kg/h
Firebox depth: 500 mm 660 mm 740 mm 1.230 mm 1.900 mm
Fuel: firewood firewood firewood firewood firewood
Amount of fuel in firing chamber: 0,08m³ 0,10 m³ 0,15m³ 0,45m³ 1,20m³
Flue pipe nominal width: 180 mm 180 mm 180 mm 200 mm 250 mm
Air outlet: 1×400 mm 1×400 mm 1×400 mm 2×400 mm/1×600 mm 2×500 mm
Weight: 170 kg 305kg 415 kg 850 kg 1.575 kg
l x b x h: 920 x 550 x 2060 mm 1150 x 700 x 2250 mm 1750 x 980 x 2710 2280 x 1290 x 3380 mm 3400 x 1440 x 4180 mm



It is not always high-quality wood required

Many operations ask themselves the question of where to go with wood waste? How can I utilize old pallets? Our wood chips hot air heaters can also be loaded with these materials. Thus, branches and shredded old wood find a sensible use for heating and drying!

Accessories hot air heaters

Insulated hot air hoses

Our insulated hot air hoses have a high temperature section and can therefore be connected to the hot air furnaces without any problems. The hoses are available in different diameters and lengths.

Hot air hoses

Our hot air hoses are available in a wide range of diameters and lengths. They are pressure stable up to XY. The individual hose sections are sewn and not glued.


Stainless steel smoke tube package

Our noble jet smoke pipe package is delivered suitable for the respective furnace type. The installation is simple.

Various temperature sensors

A useful accessory for all hall, workshop and construction heating systems.