Hay drying and hay ventilation in the hay box

Hay drying and hay ventilation in the hay box

Every hay drying is different and therefore will be individually planned by us. The calculation of the required floor space is an important step. For best drying results, comprehensive consultation and planning is carried out on site.


The core element of our drying technolgy is the hay box. We calculate the grate height to suit the maximum water absorption of the air as it flows through the hay. Furthermore, the inlet nozzle is calculated to match. We calculate the grate height and the blow-in duct appropriately. This ensures a very uniform air distribution in the hay box and thus leads to a uniform drying without moisture nests.

Video: Hay drying in France

Hay ventilation with roof extraction

The construction of a roof extraction system for hay drying is extremely cost-effective in terms of drying costs. The roof extraction system supplies the fan with gratis drying air while the sun is shining – and this for decades.

In addition to the roof extraction, we recommend an air dehumidifier or heat source to overcome periods of bad weather.

The hot-air heaters we build, marketed under the name Landritherm, were originally developed for hay drying and are therefore particularly suitable.

200m2 hay box area with height markings and side edge covers.

Modern hay drying with air dehumidifier and roof extraction. The barn is located directly behind the hay box. The hay crane can deliver the forage through the whole hall.


Haytec Dehumidifier

There are 12 models for small and large drying tasks.

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Biomass hot air heating

Drying with hot air from biomass.

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Ventilators for drying

The foundation for successful drying – our fan program.

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Drying control

Our drying control systems monitor the drying process.

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Round bale drying

Three round bale drying systems are available.

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Hay drying in the box

Individually designed, perfectly matched. Excellent drying results.

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Heating register / heat exchanger

Ideal for the waste heat utilisation of biogas plants or for underutilised wood chip heating systems in summer.

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Drying sheets/floors

Perfectly applicable for maize, grain, wood chips or firewood.

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