Drying of Wood Chippings

Drying of Wood Chippings

The drying of wood chippings became more and more important. Fresh forest chippings has a moisture content of 40 – 60% (large differences in the moisture between core and sapwood). The calorific value of fresh forest chippings stands at around 2 kW/kg. The advantages of dry wood chippings are obvious.


  • The calorific value of fresh forest chippings stands at around 4 kW/kg
  • One reduces the amount of fuel by half
  • The combustion is cleaner and less ash is generated
  • The weight during transportation is reduced as well (less transportation cost)

The LASCO gill plate can be used to dry almost any material.

The nozzle opening is small. This avoids the problem of material falling into the pressure chamber.

A nozzle metal floor using a supporting construction can be equipped navigable as well which turned out very useful for wood chips, wood, grain, maize and tea drying.


Gill plates are also suitable for corn or grain.

Drying of Wood Chippings.

Firewood drying.


Haytec Dehumidifier

There are 12 models for small and large drying tasks.

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Biomass hot air heating

Drying with hot air from biomass.

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Ventilators for drying

The foundation for successful drying – our fan program.

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Drying control

Our drying control systems monitor the drying process.

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Round bale drying

Three round bale drying systems are available.

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Hay drying in the box

Individually designed, perfectly matched. Excellent drying results.

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Heating register / heat exchanger

Ideal for the waste heat utilisation of biogas plants or for underutilised wood chip heating systems in summer.

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Drying sheets/floors

Perfectly applicable for maize, grain, wood chips or firewood.

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