Maize drying

Maize drying

Between 550,000 tons and 600,000 tons grain maize is dried annually alone in Austria. If one calculates an average import moisture of 30% residual moisture and dries down to 14% residual moisture, between 25-30 litres of heating oil are required for one ton of maize.


Converted to the whole of Austria, this results in a heating oil requirement of approx. 16 million litres during the drying period of maize. Combustion results in CO2 emissions of approximately 45,000 tons.

Maize drying with biomass

Maize can be dried with different methods. And the drying temperature is also individual, depending on the requirements, and ranges between 85° C and 130°C. Due to the savings in heating costs compared to fossil fuels and not least because of the environmental considerations, more and more farmers are opting for a hot-air heating system fired by wood chips.

Landritherm hot air heaters are available in a wide range of performance classes and offer great savings in heating costs compared to heating oil.

high blow-in temperatures through the use of an air heat exchanger

The major difference between LandriTherm heaters and conventional biomass heaters is that warm air is produced directly via an air heat exchanger and not, as is usually the case, via water as the carrier medium.

Drying maize with an LA750 biomass warm air heater.

Hot air oven LA750 in front of a maize drying tower

Products hot air heaters

Wood chips hot air heating

Our wood chips hot air stoves are available from 150 kW to 2500 kW nominal heat power. In contrast to cord firewood hot air stoves, wood chips based hot air stoves are fully automatic.

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Pellet hot air heaters

The pellet hot-air heating systems are designed as container systems and are portable. Silos or snap-in day tanks serve as fuel containers.

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Cord firewood hot air heaters

We provide wood chips and cord firewood hot air stoves with rated powers from 29 kW to 399 kW. Cord firewood based hot air generators are equipped with lifting hook and forklift pockets.

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Insulated hot air hoses

Our insulated hot air hoses have a high temperature section and can therefore be connected to the hot air furnaces without any problems. The hoses are available in different diameters and lengths.

Hot air hoses

Our hot air hoses are available in a wide range of diameters and lengths. They are pressure stable up to XY. The individual hose sections are sewn and not glued.

Stainless steel smoke tube package

Our noble jet smoke pipe package is delivered suitable for the respective furnace type. The installation is simple.

Various temperature sensors

A useful accessory for all hall, workshop and construction heating systems.