A Family business Since 1987

Who we are.

Our entire endeavour can be summed up in a simplified form under all aspects that form the basis of LASCO’s values and product world.

We research and develop because we are a dynamic company and we are courageously driving innovation forward.

We approach our tasks in an environmentally conscious and reliable manner in order to develop solutions and products that also incorporate these characteristics. Progress drives us forward.

We focus on the customer in all phases. From a human perspective, cooperation takes place at eye level.

Our products are used under tough conditions. That is why we are always striving for improvement, with the big goal – to facilitate the work of our customers.

Because in everything that LASCO does, there is always one goal at the end of our activities:


Human being

Our mission.

Our focus is on the human being. And his hard work.

But we want to achieve more.
We want to transform the human being into a hero.

Heroes are dynamic, courageous, work hard but smart, are environmentally conscious, have stamina, are fighters, have an affinity for technology, are sporty, modern, young and cool.

Heroes are powerful.

Heroes above all are reliable. Cause Heroes finish their job.
A real hero gets a pat on the shoulder. He deserves respect for what he does.

He’s a hero in the yard as well as in the forest
He’s a hero to his family, just like he is to his animals.
He is a hero to the community and the environment.
A true hero owns one thing in particular. Humanity.




We’ll agree to that.

As a family business, we have been researching, developing and producing high-quality machines in Austria since 1987.
With one objective: to facilitate work for our customers all over the world.

On a production and storage area of more than 18,000 m2, technically mature machines are produced that convince through reliability, functionality and price-performance ratio. As a dynamic company, we courageously drive innovation and always put customer benefit first. Because, we are convinced that real innovations and ideas are created where they are needed – in practice.

We are impressed by the strenuous, energy-consuming and sometimes dangerous work that our customers undertake. We have the utmost respect for their efforts in a tough working environment. And we are aware of the enormously important contribution our customers make to a sustainable environment.


They are heroes to us.


Laying of the foundation stone for LASCO.

1986 The foundation stone for the LASCO company is layed. Preparations are made for the incorporation of the company.


official incorporation of the company

In 1987, LASCO is officially established as an individual company by Johann Landrichinger. Construction of the agricultural machinery workshop begins.


Further construction works

A carport with basement is built. Until the end of 2015, the basement served, among other things, as a spare parts store.


Expansion course

To create space for service, assembly and further storage, a special hall is built.


5 hay cranes are sold to the US

In 1997, LASCO made the leap across the Atlantic. Currently, LASCO exports to 50 countries worldwide.


Office expansion

In 1998 an urgently needed office extension was due.


Warehouse 2 is being built

There’ s construction again. This time another warehouse to be able to supply our customers even faster and more efficiently.

The product range is extended

Our product range is expanded by the purchase and securing of the trademark rights for “Riener”. These popular and proven hay excavators are still in use today on many farms.


Purchase of land for employee parking space

Due to the increasing number of employees, the purchase of an own parking lot becomes necessary.


first patents/utility models

In order to protect our inventions, we began with the patenting of some of our developments in 2003. The picture shows a random selection of them.


Production start of Lasco cone splitter

With over 30 different models, the LASCO cone splitter quickly conquered the hearts of farmers! Production started in 2004.


Johannes Landrichinger

After completing the HTL for mechanical engineering, his son Johannes joins the family business.

our own wood tongs production

Since 2005, LASCO has been producing its own wood tongs for the forestry industry. The assortment ranges from 1000mm to 2000mm opening width. Suitable rotators are of course also available.


The first hot-air wood chip stove leaves the production line

Around 8,000 hours of research and development went into the design of our woodchip-fired hot-air units. In 2006, the first batch rolled off the production line. The hot air units are sold under the LandriTherm brand name.


Establishment of the in-house design department

Since 2007, LASCO has had its own design department under the management of Johannes Schober.


His son, Werner Landrichinger joins the company

After an apprenticeship as an electrical systems engineer, Werner joins the family business. A few years later he graduates from the master school for mechatronics.

our last big expansion in Lochen am See

Construction of the production hall with office. This extension also represents the last major expansion in Lochen am See.


Establishment of the in-house marketing department

Under the management of Florian Gollob, a separate marketing department is formed.

Expansion of the product range through the purchase of Maraton Maschinenbau GmbH

The property of the insolvent Maraton Maschinenbau GmbH was purchased by LASCO in 2012. This is also the starting signal for the new Maraton hay crane which later became the LASCO hay crane. This purchase was also the last expansion of the LASCO company headed by Johann Landrichinger.


Hot-air furnace segment is extended by pellet hot-air heating

In 2014 the first hot-air pellet stove comes off the production line. In contrast to the wood chip hot air heating systems, the units are designed specifically for industrial and commercial customers.

INEO – Award as exemplary teaching facility 2014 – 2017

i n e o is the award of the WKO Upper Austria for companies with exemplary commitment in apprenticeship training.

Expansion of the service and distribution network

In 2014 the service and sales network will be expanded thanks to great partners.

Presentation of the new hay crane series

After months of intensive development, the new LASCO hay crane is presented in 2014. Most innovative new product: From M45 upwards, the hay crane is equipped with an electrically proportional pilot control as standard.


Award for pellet warm air heating from Energiegenie 2015

The new LA-150P pellet hot-air heater was awarded the Energiegenie award at the Energiesparmesse 2015.

Company handover to the next generation

On 02.02.2015 the company was handed over by Johann Landrichinger to his two sons Johannes and Werner.


Completion of facility in Pöndorf

The ground-breaking ceremony took place on 31 March 2015. The facility in Pöndorf was already operational in January 2016.

Large hay drying project in France

In 2016 another large hay drying project was realized in France together with our partners. The total drying area is about 800m2.

scheduled start of production of the LA2500

After several years of development time, scheduled series production of the largest woodchip-fired hot-air heating system in the LASCO product series to date with a thermal output of 2500 kW begins at the end of 2016. The picture shows a prototype.


Herbert Oitner

As an authorised signatory, he plans and supports all strategic decisions of the company together with the owner family.


Andreas Emprechtinger

After many years of successful work in various sales areas, Andreas Emprechtigner takes over the role of sales manager for the company.


Lasco merges with HAYTEC

Acting together, bundling competences and pushing developments forward.

With these advantages for end customers, the two companies LASCO and HAYTEC declare that they are taking the step into the future by joining forces.