Haytec dehumidifier for drying

Haytec dehumidifier

The Haytec dehumidifier series stands for more nutrients in the hay, less supplementary feeding of concentrated feed and healthier animals. The series was developed with decades of know-how in hay drying especially for the harsh agricultural requirements and is produced in Austria. The installed and used technology corresponds to the industry standard.

Product advantages


Model range

Wide range of models. Suitable for small and large farms.



- Bolted framework
- sturdy and built to last


Heat exchanger

Deep heat exchanger stacks with special coating.


Maintenance doors

Large service and maintenance doors on both sides



High-quality compressors – powerful & speed-controlled



Optimised operation due to standardised sensors

Diagram of a drying facility with dehumidifier


Warm air generator

Instead of or in addition to a dehumidifier, a hot air stove can treat the air.


Drying fan

The ventilator pushes the drying air through the harvested crop


Air is saturated

The drying air pushes through the hay and becomes saturated with water. This cools it down.



The air dehumidifier of the drying air the humidity. The air is also reheated.

Selection table: Haytec dehumidifier

Videos: hay drying and dehumidifier