What makes a hay crane a LASCO hay crane

LASCO Hay Crane

The new LASCO Hay crane represents the result of our consistent further development of our popular crane series. Our experience for 30 years of crane construction is incorporated in this series. The result is a mature tool for daily use, and a strong and quick harvester.

The new crane cab and the new control system is able to provide unprecedented comfort.

Furthermore, the manufacturing quality is superb! Besides a highly qualified engineering team, a computer-controlled laser cutting process ensures quality without compromise.

These characteristics differentiate a LASCO hay crane from regular hay cranes.

Hay Crane Video – big variety

Significantly fulfils the requirements. Simply superior!

Hay for 500 cows.

zwei-heukraneTo produce hay for 500 cows is a challenge. A challenge we have gladly set ourselves and mastered it with perfection.

The above operation in the Netherlands operates its hay cranes around 800 h each year. A multiple of what a Hay crane must do for 20 to 50 cows.
We are extremely proud having our crane passed these extreme demands on materials and technology with flying colors.

The hay amounts shown on the page above are providing the proof.

Hexagonal is better than Square!

ausleger-detailUsing hexagonal profiles, the LASCO hay crane gaines an above-average robustness.

Using internal sliding guides, the hay crane is of extremely low maintenance but extremely compact, since castor wheels may be omitted.

heukran-6-kantauslegerThe high-quality hexagonal boom perfectly absorbs the inner cylinder and provides the above-average robustness of the gripper system. For each extension system, an own hydraulic cylinder is available. The maintenance and service work will be reduced to a minimum, using internal sliding guides and the full hydraulic arm extension system.

Crucial in Practice

pulling lifting cylinder. max. power at less pressure!

Fully hydraulic: fast and low maintenance

Counter bearing rotary motor and overhead slewing ring

easily accessible hydraulic hoses and large hose reel

Double screwed overhead slewing ring.

Counter bearing high-performance motors with shock cartridges.

The protected hydraulic connections provide a worry-free work.

A screwed connection between boom and fork head absorbs vibrations

and thus protects against material fatigue.

The double-acting grippers raised position and the rotator ensures

optimale Raumnutzung und präzises Arbeiten.

The boom is centrally positioned. As a result,

no lateral forces are acting on the boom and the slewing ring.



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