Drying Technology

durch-heutrocknung-tiergesundheit-verbessernAt LASCO, a powerful drying system starts with a detailed planning. Perfectly calculated air speeds and the associated retention period of the air in the dry goods are individually calculated for high water absorption and doing so constitutes an important base for example for Hay Drying.

Hay drying

Round bale drying

Wood chippings drying

Fire wood drying

Grain drying

Maize drying

What Can We Dry For You?

We offer turnkey systems in many areas such as the round bale drying. Of course, we offer also complete systems for the drying of hay in a hay container. Besides extremely powerful ventilators, we provide drying equipment supplying our DRYair air dehumidifiers. In addition to air dehumidifiers we also supply
LandriTherm Hot Air Heaters which can be fired with wood chippings or wood. Fossil hot air heaters can be replaced by these devices, saving drying costs as well.

Your drying product is not among them?

Get in touch with us. We are happy to help you analyzing the product and to provide a technical drying solution.

Ventilators For Perfect Drying Results.

  • doppelseitiger-ventilator-fuer-losetrocknung-boxentrocknung

    Doppelseitigsaugender Ventilator für Heutrocknung

  • Ventilator-fuer-heutrocknung-mit-umschaltklappe

    Ventilator mit Umschaltklappe.

With over 100 different types of ventilators we offer
not only a very extensive range of ventilators, but also one of the
most efficient.

Due to the wide range of sizes and the specially developed
turbine wheel, the appropriate ventilator for each drying plant can be selected.

The implementation of our energy-saving ventilators leads to large power savings. LASCO ventilators – Efficient drying until the last drying second!

  • Over 100 different fan types
  • Specially constructed turbine wheel
  • Vast energy savings possible
  • Fits any stock size and dumping height
  • Each container drying or round bale drying is calculated individually.

Air dehumidifier DRYair

The hay drying with air dehumidifier requires a competent contact person. With over 50 employees, we possess the necessary knowledge in various areas.
Already in the year 2013, we had begun to evaluate 150 drying control systems. This data, which come from the various regions of Europe, formed the basis for a completely new generation of air dehumidifiers.

If you bundle all available forces and aligns them on only one goal, something extraordinary will be the result of it. In our case that happens with our new LASCO DRYair dehumidifier! To make this machine series possible, lots of hard work of our leading refrigeration technicians from Austria, coupled with practical experiences of our farmers as well as drying data was required! With the new dehumidifier series, hay floor surfaces can be dried from 50m2 up to 400m2. Thus, the appropriate system for every farmer is available.

Video: Haydrying in France

Technical overview

  • Operational area: +5°C, rel. Humidity greater or equal 40%
  • 100% air recirculation system offering ideal drying temperatures in the hay stack
  • Integrated frequency inverter for optimal dehumidifying performance
  • Integrated designed blind for separation of fresh air and recirculated air on request
  • An integrated control system ensures automatic switching between fresh air and recirculated air without control (optional folding cylinder required)
  • Integrated temperature and humidity sensor to control the compactor and for hand over to the drying control
  • Impressive model range from 50m2 to 400m2
  • Reliable service network in Austria, Germany and France
  • Fully automatic(!)
  • professional dust-proof grid
  • Drip pan covering the entire surface of the device
  • Heating option for the low temperature applications


Model Power consumption / nom. /max. Dimensions (Guide values) Hay drying
DRYair 70 7,5 kW /12 A / 24 A 1,9m/1,2m/2,4m up to 70m2
DRYair 100 14 kW/ 22 A / 42 A 3,4m/1,2m/2,4 m up to 100m2
DRYair 150 14 kW/ 22 A / 42 A 3,4m/1,2m/2,4 m up to 150m2
DRYair 220 16 kW / 28 A / 46 A 3,4m/1,2m/2,4m up to 180 m2
DRYair 250 18 kW/ 33 A / 49 A 4,0m/1,2m/2,65m up to 200 m2
DRYair 320 32 kW/ 55 A/ 61 A 7,4m/1,2m/2,65m up to 320 m2
DRYair 400 36 kW / 66 A / 82 A 8,0 m/1,2m/2,65m up to 400 m2