Forest technology

In forestry technology, our focus is clearly on the design, development and production of wood tongs and cone splitters.

By providing suitable and high-quality accessories, we leave nothing to chance here.

Our national and international dealer network ensures a smooth supply of spare parts as well as regional support.


Cone splitters

With over 8,000 cone splitters sold worldwide we are Your prefered contact if you want to buy a cone splitter regardless what type of wood you want to split. We offer cone splitters for mini excavators but also cone splitters for a huge 40 ton excavator. We have the right wood splitter for you too!

Wood tongs

Our log grips are made in modular design and over-dimen-sioning of all highly stressed parts (e.g. cylinder double, guide rods, bearings) and are extremely robust due to the use of HARDOX.


Tripple combination

Triscorp S makes it easy to produce firewood from the comfort of an excavator.

Working in the driver‘s cab is not only effortless, but also comfortable.