Heating technology

LandriTherm hot air heating systems operate similarly to an oil heating gun. The big difference is that instead of fossil fuels only biomass is used. Those heating systems are transportable and produce warm air from biomass. Technically speaking, a high-performance air-to-air heat exchanger is used for this purpose.

This means that the devices produce warm air without detour via water (as usual) and are therefore highly efficient.

Wood chips hot air heating

Our wood chips hot air stoves are available from 150 kW to 2500 kW nominal heat power. In contrast to cord firewood hot air stoves, wood chips based hot air stoves are fully automatic. The devices are ready-to-use systems and are portable as well.

Pellet hot air heating

The pellet hot air heating systems are designed as container systems and are therefore portable. Equipped with a snap-in day tank or a small pellet silo, heating and drying jobs can be carried out without great installation efforts. Set up the hot air oven. Connect the power and the hot air hose and start the device.

Cord firewood hot air heating

We provide wood chips and cord firewood hot air stoves with rated powers from 29 kW to 399 kW. Cord firewood based hot air generators are equipped with lifting hook and forklift pockets.