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LASCO Hay Crane

lasco-hay craneOur new LASCO Hay craneis one of our most innovative products. The fully hydraulic hexagonal base impresses in practice in terms of speed and stability. Core of the hay crane is its intelligent hydraulic system. With this system, up to 50% more performance is gained compare to the previous version.
We have also adopted the subject of comfort, which is rather unjustly treated by some manufacturers. Thus, the Lasco hay crane starting from model M45 is only supplied with an electric proportional pre-control unit with 2 joysticks. This well-known by many manufacturers of excavators and proven technology allows precise, smooth and largely effortless work. The new crane cab provides not only a maximum field of view, but also a height-adjustable headrest and armrests. This hay crane series is one of the most comprehensive on the market, consisting over 18 different models. Thus, a matching hay crane is available for each request.

Hay drying – perfectly designed

Hay drying-container dryingWith over 30 years of experience, we are not only the Know-How carriers in terms of hay drying, but offer a strong product portfolio as well. Our company is specialized on both, Round bale– and container drying. For the drying of round bales, a total of three different systems are available. The container drying will be worked out individually with the customer. A roof suction is also part of the free planning as well as a container plan.
With our high-performance ventilators, which differ in air and pressure performance, we produce the necessary drying air. The result is a highly saturated air after exiting the drying material, short drying times and thus an economical drying. LASCO offers two different solutions to dry weather-independent. This starts from the LASCO DRYair air dehumidifier systems and ends with the Landritherm hot air producers. The latter mentioned, depending on the system are charged with wood chippings, wooden logs or pellets and produce drying air with renewable raw materials.
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Forestry Technology – Cone Splitters and Wooden Tongs

An undisputed important highlight in our product portfolio is the patented and extremely versatile LASCO Cone splitter. His reputation, splitting trees as if they were made of cardboard, has been proofed to be right. The LASCO Cone splitter series includes around 30 different devices that can be build on almost every carrier vehicle having its own hydraulic system. The material used has its origins from the earth and mining sector. In this industry, some limits for machines always been redefined. With this 1-12 engined cone splitters series combined with its intelligent planetary gear, trees almost any size can be processed.

NEW Attachment Units

In addition to drive, transmision ratio and material, the drill cone plays an essential role for the perfect splitting process. This has been continually improved over the years and offers currently 4 x speed of splitting performance compared to the first generation. The new LASCO attachment tools for cone splitters with quick-change system, like stump grinder, rotary broom, wild herb brush and others turns the splitter into a very general-purpose machine. For semi professionals, there is the “Roli”series recently available. All configurable under www.kegelspalter.com.

Our last news

Hay drying in France (video attached)

Hay drying in France (video attached)

150 km in the west of Rennes, close to the French West Coast, Lasco‘s first important French Hay drying project was commissioned in June 2016. The total Hay drying surface for the Dolo family is 800 m2. A bulk drying system increases the variety of its usage, because...

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LASCO’s largest Cone Splitter in action

LASCO’s largest Cone Splitter in action

The reputation precedes that the LASCO cone splitter would split wood as if it were made of cardboard. The cone splitter M12 model shown here is the largest model of its series. There are In total 12 hydraulic motors working in the machine. An intelligent transmission...

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