Hay drying in France (video attached)

150 km in the west of Rennes, close to the French West Coast, Lasco‘s first important French Hay drying project was commissioned in June 2016. The total Hay drying surface for the Dolo family is 800 m2. A bulk drying system increases the variety of its usage, because grain, wood chips or corn can be dried as well.

The special feature of the plant enables drying to be performed in any two of the four boxes. In addition, multiple energy sources are available for the drying system to produce its drying air.

The unloading station for the loading wagon is located at the centre of the building and lifted over the Hay boxes. Thus, the distances the Hay crane must move are short and can save time.

A LASCO Hay crane M70 guarantees a fast loading. A fully glazed cabin with air conditioning, radio and filter is provided for the operator’s comfort. Since the cabinets of the new DRYair dehumidifier generation are now located externally, all information can flow together in the technical room. That place also locates a control module for the HB4000. The drying process is automatically regulated by a control unit. Thus, the system decides depending on the outside air quality between convection and hood suction operation and can automatically change the state of the operation by using a flap system.

If the quality of air isn’t sufficient via the hood suction, the system will switch to the circulating air operation activating the dehumidifier as well as the heating coil of the biogas plant.


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