Bestens vorbereitet haben sich die Teilnehmer der LASCO Kundenschulung die bevorstehende Trocknungssaison am 10. April 2017.

April 10, 2017, was dedicated to further education at LASCO. Around 40 customers visited our customer training this year. Thus, were perfectly prepared for the upcoming drying season.
The chairman of the ARGE Heumilch, Karl Neuhofer, took the lead. He talked about the current developments and upcoming goals at ARGE Heumilch. Hay milk has established itself as a premium product on the market and in addition, its commercialization has reached 100%. Since the beginning of the hay milk initiative, the hay milk supplement has grown considerably and the milk crisis of the past year could almost be surpassed without prejudice. Last year’s awarded seal of approval g.t.S. – “traditional specialty guaranteed” will also offer many opportunities for the future and will protect hay milk completely from imitators.
Prof. Dr. Hoffmann from LKV Sachsen presented the advantages of “Dry Greenfodder (Quality hay)” in a very exhilarated speech. As one of the leading feeding experts in the German-speaking world, he outlined ways for the successful cattle feeding using quality hay. He pointed out the many advantages of quality hay. Feeding animals accounts for about 50% of the variable costs for a farm. For this reason, optimized feeding should be a top priority. At the same time, he made it clear that the production of dry hay (quality hay) is already progressing well, especially since the conservation losses using an optimum in harvesting and drying can be kept comparatively low. In the afternoon, Prof. Dr. Hoffmann presented the questions of farmers in a specially organized feeding seminar.


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After a delicious snack, we continued with the specialist lecture of marketing director Florian Gollob. With his two export markets, Holland and France, Florian has not only theoretical but also practical knowledge. With his lecture “Simple Rules for Successful Hay Drying”, he explained that the machine drying of quality hay is not rocket science being compliant with certain basic rules. The very extensive lecture, moreover, also provided an insight into what was important besides hay drying. For example, dosing units, night swathes and the number of knives in a loading truck were discussed.
Theory was put into practice in the afternoon. The LASCO department managers took our customers for in-depth insights of the individual products and gave detailed information on commissioning, service and maintenance. The following products were trained intensively:

We would like to thank the participants and the speakers for the successful event! We are already looking forward to a successful start into the next drying season.

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