Commissioning of LASCO’s Hay Crane M90 in a big hall

lasco-heukran-in-der-mitte-der-halle-ist-die-serviceplattformThis year, the miscanthus specialist and energy plant pioneer Phillipe Colin from France has fulfilled his dream and raised his production and processing to a completely new level. For this purpose, a new hall had to be constructed. In that new hall, the Miscanthus (energy wood) will be stored, processed and made ready for dispatch. The hall has a length of 152m and a width of about 35m. LASCO‘s Hay crane M90 is in charge for the loading. In February we put the plant into operation and we made a few photos as well as a small video of it.

The hay crane can either be operated comfortably by radio or sitting inside the fully-glazed cabin. The transverse travel can reach up to 15.5m in width and is operated with its own electric motors including frequency converters.



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