Thermal imaging camera for the LASCO hay crane

Our latest feature for the LASCO hay crane is the integrated thermal imaging camera, which transmits the thermal image from the hay box to the hay crane cabin in real time.

This means that irregularities or even unwanted air leaks can be detected while the hay box is being filled, which can be immediately reacted to by rearranging the hay.

This guarantees maximum drying success. The thermal imaging camera is available for both standard and fully glazed cabins.


„I would never again be without the thermal imaging camera“ Silvia Eberl


  • detects irregularities already when filling the hay box
  • rearranging the hay box made easy
  • drying costs can be lowered by more consistent drying
  • can be retrofitted to LASCO, Auer and Stepa cranes

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Do you want to retrofit the thermal imaging camera on your existing hay crane or are you interested in a new hay crane?

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