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Thermal imaging camera for the LASCO hay crane

Our latest feature for the LASCO hay crane is the integrated thermal imaging camera, which transmits the thermal image from the hay box to the hay crane cabin in real time. This means that irregularities or even unwanted air leaks can be detected while the hay box is being filled, which can be immediately reacted to by rearranging the hay. This guarantees maximum drying success. The thermal imaging camera is available for both standard and fully glazed cabins.  
„I would never again be without the thermal imaging camera“ Silvia Eberl

  • detects irregularities already when filling the hay box
  • rearranging the hay box made easy
  • drying costs can be lowered by more consistent drying
  • can be retrofitted to LASCO, Auer and Stepa cranes

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Review: Our recent customer training 2017

Bestens vorbereitet haben sich die Teilnehmer der LASCO Kundenschulung die bevorstehende Trocknungssaison am 10. April 2017.

April 10, 2017, was dedicated to further education at LASCO. Around 40 customers visited our customer training this year. Thus, were perfectly prepared for the upcoming drying season.

The chairman of the ARGE Heumilch, Karl Neuhofer, took the lead. He talked about the current developments and upcoming goals at ARGE Heumilch. Hay milk has established itself as a premium product on the market and in addition, its commercialization has reached 100%. Since the beginning of the hay milk initiative, the hay milk supplement has grown considerably and the milk crisis of the past year could almost be surpassed without prejudice. Last year’s awarded seal of approval g.t.S. – “traditional specialty guaranteed” will also offer many opportunities for the future and will protect hay milk completely from imitators. Continue reading Review: Our recent customer training 2017

Commissioning of LASCO’s Hay Crane M90 in a big hall

lasco-heukran-in-der-mitte-der-halle-ist-die-serviceplattformThis year, the miscanthus specialist and energy plant pioneer Phillipe Colin from France has fulfilled his dream and raised his production and processing to a completely new level. For this purpose, a new hall had to be constructed. In that new hall, the Miscanthus (energy wood) will be stored, processed and made ready for dispatch. The hall has a length of 152m and a width of about 35m. LASCO‘s Hay crane M90 is in charge for the loading. In February we put the plant into operation and we made a few photos as well as a small video of it. Continue reading Commissioning of LASCO’s Hay Crane M90 in a big hall

Vorgestellt: Das LASCO Stichbahnfahrwerk für den LASCO Heukran

Das LASCO Stichbahn Fahrwerk ist im wesentlichen eine Querfahrt mit dem Unterschied, dass der Heukran aus der Querfahrt ausstechen kann, um auf einer Längsfahrt weiter zu arbeiten. Wenn alle Bereiche des Gebäudes mit dem Kran erreicht werden können, kann auch ein Kurvenfahrwerk eingesetzt werden. Bei dem gezeigten Betrieb war dies aufgrund bestehender Siloanlagen nicht möglich.

Weitere Kranfahrwerke von LASCO.

LASCO’s largest Cone Splitter in action

The reputation precedes that the LASCO cone splitter would split wood as if it were made of cardboard. The cone splitter M12 model shown here is the largest model of its series. There are In total 12 hydraulic motors working in the machine. An intelligent transmission controls power and speed depending on the particular situation. Its tare weight is approximately 2500 kg. Its field of application is the professional production of biomass. A CAT excavator 320E was employed as carrier machine.

You can configure your own cone splitter under