Aerial view of the construction site.

Aerial view of the construction site.

To construct an area of 18,000 m2 in a period of 8 months sounds record-breaking, as in many things in the construction of the new LASCO headquarters in Pöndorf. A small retrospective and outlook.
Since may 2015 construction is going on at Lascostraße 1. One of the largest construction sites in Upper Austria and the biggest corporate settlement in the history of the municipality of Pöndorf will be completed in January 2016. If everything goes according to plan, the family-owned company LASCO expects production to be started by end of January 2016.
Production hall, warehouse, and office of the company Lasco in Lochen am See

Production hall, warehouse, and office of the company Lasco in Lochen am See

The Christmas celebration in 2015 already took place in Pöndorf. Together with Mayor Johann Zieher, a sightseeing tour was organized going through Pöndorf. At several stops historically interesting places of the village were presented and brought closer to the employees of the company.

Not just big, but modern.

That the new building is not only large, but also modern, can be recognized through the installed lighting system. Thus, new exclusively energy-saving LED lamps been used throughout, depending on daylight and presence conditions and are infinitely adjustable. An official opening ceremony will also be held. A date is not fixed yet, but will be announced in a timely manner. The owner, Hannes and Werner Landrichinger, want to thank the entire community for their great support, which is not self-evident. To lead a construction project of this size, is often very nerve wracking. Thus, each additional helping hand is a blessing.

An extra thanks at this point was made to “Harry”, the Commander of the fire brigades, for the filling of the fire-fighting water system and also to the Mayor, Johann Zieher, who did excellent work in the construction supervision and probably spend lots of sleepless nights, many times calculating the statics of the new company.
LASCO would like to apologize for all unpredictable inconvenience to new neighbours, unfortunately often occur at a new site. It is gratifying to the relatively new partnership with the Frankenmarkt warehouse. Thus, LASCO products exhibited at the last day of the open door in the warehouse. To start actively in Pöndorf, we are currently looking for new stuff.
Hannes Landrichinger: “Of course we would be happy, if we could hire people from the surrounding area.” Click here for the open job offers.

Impressions of Pöndorf and the relocation

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Interesting facts about the construction
Atyrt of construction work: May 2015
Consruction to be completed: January 2016
Construction area
Section I: approx. 18.000 m2
Splitted in:
5.000 m2 Production halls
2.000 m2 Research and
1.000 m2 roofed storage surface
1.700 m2 Office Space
230 m2 Exposition space
7.000 m2 Exterior space
Earth movments
approx. 20.000 m3 = 2.000 truck loads
Concrete: 3.500 m3
Wood glue construction

350 m3 Glue-laminated timber
8.000 m2 Roof construction, designed as trapezoidal sheet metal construction
3.000 m2 Facade structureFurther details:
Laid electric cables: approx. 45 km
Built-in glass panels: approx. 30 to.

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